If you’re ready to jump in and get the ball rolling on a great career for yourself, the 6-week boot camp program is the quickest way to achieve that!  Jam packed with 6 weeks of daily instructions to get you cleaning professionally, Cindy walks you through every step of the way doing nothing alone.  What’s included:

  1. Cleaning Up! Workbook: this is the foundational piece of instruction to growing your success.Exact step-by-step instructions on creating your business properly from day 1.
  2. 2 weekly calls: The first three weeks are 1-on-1 calls with Cindy to go over your progress and review the tasks for the few days ahead.  Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday.  The second three weeks of the boot camp the calls will be 2-on-1, that is two program participants on the call with Cindy.
  3. Weekly Action Plan: Exact instructions for each day to accomplish an amazing amount in a short time, these action plans are precise and leave nothing to guesswork.
  4. Boot Camp Facebook Group: A closed Facebook group where you can post questions, read other’s solutions to issues you may face throughout your boot camp experience.  This is where Cindy also provides feedback in between conference calls.

There are other business “coaches” out there that are expensive and don’t give you the personalized one-on-one approach Cindy can.  This boot camp is specifically designed with the absolute beginner in mind – someone who is ready, excited, but doesn’t know where to start or how to create a business properly.  If you have the desire and the drive to follow simple suggestions and directions, you WILL be able to create full-time income within 6 months, usually much much less time.  While there are no guarantees in life, or in the program, Cindy wants to see you succeed and had laid out the principles and directions to get you there.

Click here to download a PDF of the 6 week bootcamp overview.

You can schedule a free consultation by scheduling one here – ask all your questions, see when the next group is forming, and take control of your future beginning today!