I’m pretty creative when it comes to using technology to make my life easier.  When I first started my cleaning business, I used Google Calendars to manage my multiple schedules for my cleaners.  It’s free, fairly easy to install on any phone (iOS or Android) and did I mention free??  Here’s a bit about how I used it:

  1. Create a gmail email for each cleaner.  I made them CleanHouseCincy1@gmail.com, CleanHouseCincy2 etc…
  2. I installed each calendar on my phone and on my desktop computer so I could view them all at the same time.
  3. I installed them onto my employees smart phones.
  4. When I needed to add a cleaning onto a schedule, I simply created an appointment with details like Name, address, phone number.  IN the notes section I added details like “3 hour budget, skip the basement” or whatever.
  5. On Google calendar you can also make the appointments recurring (so weekly, bi-weekly, etc).
  6. My employees could also use the calendar to see in advance of when a good day to schedule personal dr appointments would be.  They could add a dr appointment onto the calendar and I’d see it on my end too.
  7. Then for time tracking, I had them download a time tracking app (there are many) that they used to clocking/out, and the app would email me the details each day.
  8. Other than maybe spending $5 to purchase the app, this is essential a free option.

When I got to the point of 6 cleaners, though, my screen looked like a multicolored nightmare that I couldn’t easily see where openings were.  I knew I needed a “professional” field-service software solution, so looked at a few.  I tried out 4 for their “free trial” period, and eventually landed on Service Fusion (affiliate link).  I created a video within my Facebook group that goes over the features of both Google Calendar (free-ish) and using a professional platform like Service Fusion.

Some of the features that I LOVE LOVE LOVE about Service Fusion are:

  • Clearly laid out grid for the schedule.  Click HERE to see my dispatch page
  • I can create a job with all the details and make it recurring.  Click HERE to see what a job looks like.
  • From there, I can make the job a recurring job.  Click HERE to see the repeating options.
  • Also, I have the ability to add reminders which is a HUGE WONDERFUL thing that reduces no-shows and all but eliminates late-cancellations.  Click HERE to see what our reminder options are.

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Visit the Facebook group to view the video and join a great group of like-minded cleaners and cleaning company owners.