I’m pretty good at marketing.  I have an MBA, and know how to use it LOL.  I’m also pretty creative and come up with good marketing pieces for my cleaning business, but I know not everyone can.  They can recognize a good piece, but not sure how to create their own.

So I am working on a 200+ page book of 50+ marketing tasks that ANY cleaning company or solo professional cleaner can use!  Exact words, image placement, even offer ideas.  Everything but the images, those you’ll have to find and purchase licensed copies for yourself to use (more about that in the book!).

Here’s a sneak peak at the contents:


Table of Contents:

Page 4: Introduction

Page 5: Specific Instructions for this Book

Page 6: The Basics: Marketing for Cleaning Professionals

Page 7: Photo Licensing: How it Works

Page 8-X: 50+ Marketing Tasks to Try


Screenshot of pages 4-5

Screenshot of pages 6-7

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