Weekly Coaching

You’ve decided to purchase the Cleaning Up workbook, and have implemented a lot of suggestions but are still wanting some extra guidance. We are here to help!

The basic weekly coaching program consists of 4 parts:

  1. A free copy of the Cleaning Up! Workbook ($99 value)
  2. A weekly call lasting about 45-60 minutes at the same approximate time and day each week.
  3. A follow up email to the call that will include a plan of action with clear steps, goals, and accomplishments for the week ahead.
  4. A private FaceBook group for only mentoring clients to ask questions, and get answers – fast! Also, other’s will have similar questions so this will be a convenient place to access lots of answers quickly!

Most new cleaning professionals find a weekly coaching call helpful. A few more details about this plan:

  1. On the call, you can expect to discuss all the details of where your business currently is and overall goals. We will discuss the best next steps for you to take within the following week and schedule the following week’s call.
  2. In the follow up email you’ll receive, you will find step by step instructions, goals, and a detailed to do list for the week. Links, task lists, and other necessary info will be included.
  3. Throughout the week I’m available in our private FaceBook group. Any questions, or clarifications can be posted there and you can expect an answer often within an hour or two (during normal work hours).

You can purchase one month of coaching at a time – there is no requirement to commit to ongoing coaching, only an open-ended month by month plan of action. Most new cleaning professionals find it extremely helpful to continue their weekly coaching calls for about 4-6 months, then drop off to as-needed basis.


Cost: $240 per month

After payment, you can schedule your call through the YouCanBook.me site, then revisit our information page to complete some forms that will help me get to know you better and faster!