You may be wondering what exactly I mean by the title of this post….obviously you’re selling cleaning services, right??

Well, no.  Not exactly.

When we think about what we are selling, we need to really consider what the client is getting.  Offering cleaning services is the method of the transaction, but it’s not exactly what they’re buying.

  • Your residential clients are buying more free time with their family
  • Your commercial clients are buying a clean image and safe work environment
  • Both are buying peace of mind knowing their home/business is safe and well taken care of

Focusing on the benefits of what your clients get from your services will do a few things for you.  First, it will redefine your marketing messages to what the prospect needs in their life.  Having a message that is clear and related across all your marketing materials will unify your business image.

Also, it will create the connection between people or businesses (which are really just people too) and you and your services.  It’s connection that drives human behavior of all sorts, and tapping into that will establish a relationship of trust that people and businesses rely on.

How this will play out in your marketing pieces is a consistent message with similar pictures that conjure up a need the prospect might not have realized they had – and that you are the perfect business to fill that need!