Workbook Questionnaires

Thank you so much for being one of our beta testers.  I really appreciate your help!

The purpose of the workbook is to help people navigate beginning their own cleaning business.  Whether you want to be and remain solo, or grotto a $1 million company, the ideas in this workbook should be helpful in creating whatever future you wish.

Your feedback is really a necessity because what sounds right or makes sense in my head, may or may not make sense on paper to someone else.  having a few people read, test out the strategies, and report back how they worked out is the best way I can think of to make the workbook the best it can be.

The following are some questionnaires to complete in the process.  Generally multiple choice, these should take a few minutes to complete. If you have any additional suggestions that I didn’t think to ask about, please email me – I want your thoughts and comments!


Questionnaire 1: Preconceived Notions

Please complete this before you open and start reading the workbook.  If you’ve already started, thats OK I still want your thoughts.  This questionnaire will help me assess where you are and what you need most.


Questionnaire 2: First Thoughts

Hopefully after a few days or week, you’ve had a chance to thumb through and get an overview of the workbook. This questionnaire is about your first impressions.