So you’ve heard of (nor not!) Amazon Homes Services (“AHS” for short) and wonder what’s the deal.  Well I’m here to explain from the Pro’s point of view the reality.



Amazon wants to dominate, well, EVERYTHING including providing services for the home like cleaning, installation of new TV, furniture assembly, etc.  They have two basic ways of achieving this: 1) hire employees to do this work or 2) contract out these services to local independent contractors.  They’ve chosen option 2.

By using local independent contractors, they save money because they don’t have to provide workers comp or pay employer-side taxes, and they also don’t have to worry if they have enough work to keep the employee busy.  By using an IC, they avoid all those things.



In order to be approved as a service provider (aka “pro”) you’ll need to provide them with a number of thigs:


– Proof of liability/workers comp

– Evidence of several sites that have reviews of your work (Google, Yelp, Angies List, Home Advisor)

– AHS will complete a background check on YOUR COMPANY, and also ANY employee including you that will be assigned a job



After you’re approved (can take a month), how it works in reality is this:

1. You’ll download their seller app

2. In it, you’ll see the available jobs you can claim

3. If you don’t claim any jobs, you won’t get any jobs nor will you incur any fees

4. If you request a job, you may or may not win it (not sure if it’s based on your seller rating, distance, or just timing)

5. If you win a job, you’ll need to assign one of your pro-approved pre-screened technicians to it

6. The day before the job, inside the app you’ll click to send them a text notifying them of your estimated time of arriveal for the next day

7. Once you arrive, you click “Start Job” inside their app

8. Clean.

9. When finished, you’ll check out inside the app, the client will review the price, and sign off that it’s completed

10. You’ll take a selfie in front of their home, and also you must allow the app to use your location via GPS.  This is how AHS verifies that you cleaned the correct house, not some friend or random person.

11. Every two weeks, the completed jobs (minus their 20% cut) is deposited into your business checking account

I have taken an employee with me (or sent two) and as long as myself or one of the employees has gone through Amazon’s background check process you’re good.  I think that’s also the purpose of the selfie, to make sure it matches who you said would be going to do the cleaning.

The advantages of being a pro with AHS is that there are no “wasted” lead fees like with Home Advisor or Yelp or Thumbtack.  You are only charged a fee for jobs actually completed.  The other MAJOR advantage is that though the first cleaning goes through AHS (and they keep 20% off the top), you are allowed to leave the client your card and if they want further cleanings AMazon gives permission to book through you directly – you do NOT have to make them go back through AHS.

Some disadvantages are that sometimes the jobs are priced ridiculously low – like a 4,500 sf MOVE-OUT cleaning was priced at $150 (and that’s BEFORE they keep their 20%).  Now that’s a cleaning I would pass on, obviously.  But there are others that are closer to my target prices and I’ll request those.

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There’s an alert that there is an avaiable job.

Jobs to Claim

In this example there’s only one job available to claim, however if there were more than one they’d all be listed like this.  To see details of this job, click on it.

Job Details

This is a single page of details (continued on next slide) of the details for this particular job.  The customer offered three different time slots (they only are required to provide 1, but up to 3).  If you want this job, select any or all the time slots that you are available, and click the blue “request claim” button.

The price in red you see is the TOTAL PRICE charged to the customer, and if you successfully complete this job you will receive only 80% of this amount (AHS keeps 20% off the top remember?)

Job Details Continued

The bullet points for this job are longer, so this is the bottom part of the job details page.