Need a Job? CREATE Your Own Job!!

The web is filled with tons of sites that aren’t legit – they’re pretending to be helpful but they’re not.

I’m sorry for that.  I’m not one of those people, though, and though it’s a little corny, here’s my quick story:

I was a newly divorced SAHM when I found myself needing to get back into the workforce.  Even with an undergraduate and MBA degrees, taking 9 years off working so I could raise my daughters really hurt my chances – much more than I though it would.

After a 2 year full-time job search that went nowhere, I decided that if no one would give me a job, I’d MAKE myself a job.  I’m perfectly capable of cutting lawns, pet sitting, babysitting, cleaning houses.  All kinds of things that people are always saying they need.

3 1/2 years later I have a profitable cleaning company with 13 cleaners and a full time office manager that brings in $25,000/month (Clean House Cincinnati in Ohio).  There are lots of people all over the US and Canada that are in the same situation I was, and I wanted to help them so I literally wrote a workbook on how to start cleaning and making your own money.

Here on my blog you’ll find details and many other articles about cleaning professionally (and by professionally I mean legally: above-board not under-the-table).  No spam, not a MLM, not anything but a helping hand to my fellows that need a job and have decided to CREATE their own!

Check out the site, email me any questions (or call/text my line at 513-409-4803).  Hey, join the mailing list to get a few more articles that aren’t on the blog (no spam, never shared with anyone):