We allllll struggle with something in our work, I’m no exception.  My kryptonite seems to be focusing on one thing at a time.  I have about a dozen different projects in my head and I want to attack them all at once but we humans are notoriously not good at multitasking, no matter what we may believe LOL.

Before continuing on with a generic email series, I thought I’d ask what things you might struggle with.  PLUS, I’ll give you my “Complete Guide to Getting 15 Top-Quality Online Reviews in ONLY 2 weeks” for free.

Learning about which of the following would really help you out (it’s ok to click on more than 1 or even all lol!):

  • Basics: how to clean a home, what tools to use, insurance needs
  • Clients: finding them, persuading them to hire me, how to handle payment
  • My Fees: how much should I charge, how to raise my prices, justifying my prices, should I offer lower price ever?
  • Back Office: how to keep good records, Schedule clients, keep track of everything, report income, taxes
  • Advanced: when to expand and hire, who to hire, subcontractors vs employees, should I buy company cars, should I expand and do different types of cleanings (commercial, PCC)
  • Marketing: what’s the best way to market, what are different ways to market, how to find clients, who are best “ideal” clients, how much to spend on marketing, how to calculate return on investment in marketing
  • ALL of the above!

Thanks for sharing your needs with us!