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We all have them.  One of the biggest problems facing struggling families today is finding solid work that more than pays the bills – it provides a foundation and reassurance that you can provide financially for your family and still have time to spend with them.

It’s a tight job market, and especially for single parents or parents that have stayed home to raise children find it even more difficult to find well-paying work.


That’s the position I found myself in 2015.  Divorced, mom of 2 daughters, had been out of the workforce for 8 years.  Even with an undergraduate degree AND an MBA, I couldn’t find good paying work.  So I decided to make a job for myself.

All I wanted to do was provide financially for my family, but I ended up so successful at providing great cleaning services that I had a full client roster in only 12 weeks!  I had to either start telling new clients “No”, or hire an employee.  I decided to hire.


My first month cleaning professionally I managed to earn $632.  After 40 months in business, I’d grown to 12 cleaners, 1 full time office manager, almost 130 regular recurring clients, and bringing in over $25,000 per month.  I have made mistakes, but I have managed to use every bit of my MBA to create and grow my business to what it is today.

The accomplishment I’ve made that makes me the most proud, is that not just my family but 13 other families are today able to support themselves.  I am beyond blessed and hope only to grow even more to provide a great future for us all.

Paying it forward – to you.

Part of my journey included involvement with other cleaning company owners and people starting their own businesses in Facebook groups.  I learned so much just reading, sharing my experiences, helping other people.  What I noticed were too many people wanting to create their own successful futures, but didn’t know how to or where to start.

There are all kinds of answers out there, if you have the time to dig for them.  Or if you’re lucky and people answer questions that will actually help you on your own journey.  Many times people want to help, but don’t have the time or resources to help others because they’re busy with their own businesses.


So what to do if you want to create your own business and have success providing for your family by cleaning professionally?  There are a few options:

  1. Guess.  Just start trying something, anything.  Blind luck plays a large part here for many people.
  2. Read.  Read every free blog, every book on Amazon, hope to make sense of it all.
  3. Spend. Like $12,000 on fancy programs that are little more than a weekly video to watch and monthly payment to make.
  4. Invest. In yourself.  Because you are worth it and your future is worth it.

Working with me – whether simply purchasing the Cleaning Up! workbook, to participating in our coaching program– is option #4.  Because I am invested in you and your success, you have my attention and one-on-one assistance in building your future.  Here’s how to work with me:

STEP 1: Schedule a consultation call.  Click here.

STEP 2: Review your options after our call, you’ll get a follow up email.

STEP 3: Decide to move forward!  Whatever way I can help you I’d love to help you!

Questions?  Contact me.